Monday, August 20, 2012

Travis Phillips: Angkor Electric Tattoo.

You are in Siem Reap, Cambodia and want to get that little something that lasts forever. Forget diamonds and stone carvings and head over to Angkor Electric Tattoo.

Travis Phillips

Travis Phillips has been tattooing for 15 years and has brought his expertise to Siem Reap. Previously, Travis tattooed at Sacred Heart Tattoo in Atlanta Georgia.

Come in with a design in mind or think one up while having a pre-tattoo drink from his bar and let him ink you. He can tattoo pretty much anything you can think of and most seem to want something they saw at the temples immortalized on their bodies.


However where Travis shines the most, where he shows his mastery, is in custom design. Throw him a prompt and let him loose on the sketch pad and marvel at the result. Some designs are simple and some are complete works of art worthy of a place in a museum.


Sit back and enjoy being the canvas for a masterpiece that flows from his custom built tattoo machine.

Getting it done.

Then tell your friends how you had to hack your way through the jungle and fight hostile natives just to get your tattoo!


Angkor Electric Tattoo is in downtown Siem Reap. Go straight on Sok San Rd, 150 meters past One Star.
Travis is certified in blood-borne disease prevention by the Red Cross, has single use needles and has an autoclave for sterilization.

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